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A Joyful New Beginning

We’ve been talking about launching this website for a long time. So much planning, discussion and anticipation have gone into its creation, and now we’re finally here at the starting line. There’s a musician I admire greatly named Blake Schwarzenbach who once said: “We’re all just waiting – waiting to begin.” Well, as far as The Joy of Geek website is concerned – the wait is over.

The goal of this site is a simple one: to bring together a group of writers who are intensely passionate about media of all forms – especially video games, TV, film and comics – and provide a forum where we can write about all the games, shows, movies and books that make us happy to wake up each day and be alive. It’s a place to celebrate the best that modern media and geek culture has to offer, and do our best to express what it is that makes this stuff so compelling. We will certainly be geeking out a lot of the time, but along with this inherent subjectivity, our goal is to also tackle each subject with a certain level of objectivity and to always face new ideas with an open mind.

It’s important to note the fact that The Joy of Geek started as a podcast, and the podcast will continue to be a primary focus. Gathering in a studio (or bedroom, or comic shop, or man cave) to talk about all things geek is what brought us together in the first place, and it’s only become more fun and fulfilling as our listernership has grown over the past five years.

The podcast started as “The Joy of Gaming,” and it provided us with a place to celebrate the games we were playing at any given time and – on our more focused “themed” episodes – to look back at groups of games from a certain developer or series and dive into a deeper discussion. As the years went by, though, we began to realize that on certain weeks we really wanted to discuss a big new movie release, or TV show series finale instead of gaming. And thus “Special Edition” episodes were created, to give us the freedom to do just that. We may not have realized it at the time, but with each new “SE” episode we recorded, we were moving a step closer to “The Joy of Geek” – a new name to describe what the podcast has now become.

Now when you check out the podcast page, you’ll find episodes under four categories – namely The Joy of Gaming,” The Joy of TV,” The Joy of Film and The Joy of Comics – and for the most part, the hosts are consistent (with some switching in and out depending on schedules, episode topics, etc.). If you love all aspects of geek culture like we do, hopefully you’ll enjoy all four of the podcasts. But if your primary interest is in video games, do not fear: The Joy of Gaming podcast will stay the same as it ever was, with a renewed focus as we forge ahead on this new adventure.

With the launch of this site, The Joy of Geek is ready to bring you more content, more variety, more passion and more excitement than ever before. We have a great core lineup of contributors, and some big ideas and dreams for the weeks and months ahead. We’re glad you’re here with us as we take this next step, and hope that you’ll reach out on a regular basis and tell us which aspects of the site you do and don’t like, and what types of content you’d really like to see here. The Joy of Geek exists to be a celebration of geek culture, and we’re always open to new ideas on how to improve the festivities.

All that’s left to say now is “Welcome!” This is a joyful new beginning for the podcast and the site, and a chance – nay, an opportunity – to pay our respects to the community of media content creators who make life worth living every day.  This…is The Joy of Geek!

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